Managed Firewall Services

Firewalls and internet security from CCS Leeds provide your server with a high level of protection from unauthorised access, preventing intruders from accessing your company data and keeping confidential information safe. Managed firewall services improve network security. Firewalls also protect your company hardware from outside corruption and ensure business continuity.

At CCS Leeds we use Cisco ASA (Adaptive Security Appliance) as the de-facto firewall, which provides advanced application-aware firewall services with identity-based access control, denial of service (DoS) attack protection, and much more - all built upon market-proven Cisco PIX Security Appliance technology. Find out more about Cisco ASA using the buttons below.

Additional anti-virus software will improve internet protection from outside sources, for more information please visit our email anti-virus and anti-spam software pages.

Standard Firewalls and Internet Security

Any computer connected to the internet (including dedicated servers) is at risk of unauthorised intrusion and damage from internet hackers and viruses. Managed firewall services create a secure barrier between your network and outside internet users, meaning only authorised users can access your data.

Standard Managed Firewall Services include technical support and the assurance that your firewall always operates to full capacity. CCS Leeds standard managed firewall services include full installation and initial configuration. After a requirement assessment by qualified engineers customers will also receive secure configuration backups and then firewall logging and patching as required to maintain security.

Managed Firewall Services

Managed firewall services from CCS Leeds provide connections and traffic information; including diagnostic information that is logged to your off-site servers 24 hours a day 365 days a year, which provides complex reporting and "forensic" analysis of a single users traffic.

You can view screenshots of our system facilities below:

Bespoke Network Security and Antivirus Software

CCS Leeds provides managed firewall services for a wide range of businesses and company size and sector often dictates the level of security required. We offer custom firewalls and internet security solutions with the flexibility to fit to your company, so authorised users can access information easily, whilst secure information is protected from unauthorised intruders.

Advanced services can be added on as required include on line reporting, so customers can view any virus attacks or malicious traffic to their systems.


Protect your business with CCS Leeds Managed Firewall Services in the UK.