Wireless Internet Service

CCS Leeds are a premier wireless broadband provider, offering reliable connectivity through our UK wifi services and wireless internet service to a range of clients. From large organisations to small businesses, you can provide secure wireless connectivity to your visitors and customers. Wi-Fi internet hotspots in your company will mean guests and users can receive a high quality wireless internet service provided by you. CCS Leeds is a premier wireless internet provider, offering full installation of wireless networks for hotels, internet cafes and a range of businesses.

As a wireless service provider you can offer your customers internet connectivity anywhere within your property, in the knowledge that the service is securely protected from unauthorised users and ensuring a regular profit from this new technology.

Broadband Provider Wireless

Our services are bespoke and made to suit your requirements, meaning the cost of installation is made to suit the services from your current broadband provider, wireless system or internet connection. If you have no internet service currently installed, CCS Leeds can also provide broadband lines and services to accommodate your wireless hotspot requirements.

Provide your customers with a wireless internet service from CCS Leeds.