Online File Hosting from a Top UK File Host

CCS Leeds are a top UK file host, providing highly secure online storage space, which is custom designed to meet the needs of any business size. Using our online file host services means that by establishing a shared folder employees will be able to collaborate on documents, external users can access information you have authorised them with access to and company data storage is easily accessible.

online file hosting

File Hosting; Dedicated Server Solutions

As company information is crucial to the day to day running of a business, CCS Leeds provides online file hosting, dedicated server solutions and bespoke managed file hosting services to ensure your company will benefit the most from the type of online file hosting you choose. Dedicated servers offer secure hosting on your own company server, providing even higher levels of security and reliable solutions for multiple users within your company.

Online File Host Services

CCS Leeds online file host services range in size and price, providing small business solutions at affordable prices and large organisation online file hosting at competitive prices. We also offer consultancy and support on all services, to ensure your company benefits from choosing the right hosting service to suit your needs.


Improve internal communication with CCS Leeds Online File Hosting Services