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The VoIP Service, VoIP System and
Voice Over IP Equipment

Which CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) should be used?


The VoIP service (Express) is a SIP-based service. Therefore, it can be configured to any SIP devices including IP phones and ATAs (analogue terminal adaptors). There are three options for using the VoIP system:


1. Analogue Terminal Adaptor (ATA)


This is a device that a customer can purchase to enable VoIP calling using a VoIP service from their existing standard (non-IP) telephone handset. An ATA is an adaptor that connects telephone handsets to the customer's broadband router. With correct configuration, all outgoing and incoming calls made from the customer's existing standard telephone handsets are routed over the customer's VoIP system.


2.  IP Telephone Handset


This is voice over IP equipment that replaces the customer's existing standard (non-IP) telephone handset. The IP phone directly connects to the customer's broadband router and can be configured to make/receive calls through the VoIP service or Express account. This VoIP product offers a more user-friendly way to access certain call features such as voicemail, as it normally has function keys on the telephone keypad.


3.  Software Phones


For those customers who do not wish to invest in an IP device, a PC-based software phone can be downloaded free of charge from different web sources and used with a VoIP headset. However, this is not a recommended method as there are many factors that could affect the call quality which are outside of CCS Leeds control. For example, the customer's PC sound card quality, the PC microphone sound quality...etc.


The SIP configuration details that are required to configure a SIP device are available to you on the User Portal. This information is sufficient for your IT department to configure the device.


CCS Leeds works closely with VoIP product manufacturers in testing its service with various voice over IP equipment on the market. This helps it to make sure the service is compatible and easy to configure with most of the popular IP devices. Based on the results of testing, a list of recommended CPE devices is available on the right menu. If you wish to order these devices, simply go to the VoIP product page. All hardware devices displayed on the page have been tested by CCS Leeds technical team and have passed its performance tests.


CCS Leeds technical support on the VoiP service and VoIP systems is from UK specialists who are fully trained to support any configuration problems that occur with any of its recommended CPE devices. This means you can call the Technical Support Team for assistance on configuration if they purchase the device from CCS Leeds.