As internet technology revolutionises communication and the sharing of data, data networks are expanding to delivering a range of video services, including; video conferencing, monitoring, medical and machine vision, web attractions and security solutions.

CCTV IP (closed circuit television internet protocol) uses secure internet connectivity recorders to monitor video images of any location easily and is a much more cost effective solution to traditional CCTV. Using DVR recorders and wired or wireless IP camera security monitoring provides a simple and effective security solution in even the most remote locations.

CCS Leeds provides innovative solutions for networked transmission and management, installation of CCTV IP networks and security consultancy and support.

New generation video cameras and hardware like DVR recorders and wired or wireless IP cameras can be connected to any computer network, intranets or the internet, enabling security monitoring and management easily via a PC and a web browser. This new technology eliminates the need for dedicated switchers, video hardware and cabling.

CCTV IP Benefits

cctv ip Real-time surveillance
cctv ip Easy integration into existing network
cctv ip Low maintenance of digital transmission and archiving
cctv ip Increased security of private or public properties in any place and at any time
cctv ip Easy image management
cctv ip Multiple functionality at low cost
cctv ip Access to multiple video sources
cctv ip Built-in motion detection and advanced alarm handling
cctv ip Automatic configuration of alarm events via direct video streams to remote image libraries and sending of e-mail messages, or SMS's to emergency staff.
cctv ip

Wireless IP Camera Surveillance

New digital technology is easily merged with current analogue security monitoring. Once installed on the company network, the wireless IP camera and video server provide a wide range of new functions and solutions to security surveillance, whilst working side by side with traditional CCTV hardware. With high functionality and lower costs and high quality video streaming available thought a PC web browser, many companies prefer to switch completely over to CCTV IP solutions; however for companies preferring both, video servers form a link between traditional CCTV and the new CCTV IP technology.

CCTV IP surveillance systems also provide secure monitoring for a range of temporary locations. Due to fast and easy setup, and the flexibility of CCTV IP technology it provides innovative solutions for short term security monitoring for building site surveillance, events security monitoring and any short term locations in need of security monitoring.

CCTV IP Locations

cctv ip Security: surveillance of banks, car parks, buildings, public places etc
cctv ip Data Centre: surveillance of network equipment, access control for staff etc
cctv ip Industry: surveillance of stock, car parks, warehouses, receptions etc
cctv ip Private property: surveillance of houses, yachts, garages etc

CCTV IP General Uses

CCTV IP video streaming can also be used to capture the attention of viewers on websites. By sending real-time images on your website, video footage can attract users towards a product or service or offer information or entertainment online. Connecting directly to your computer network, a wireless IP camera can be used for transmitting live images to the internet, examples are: -

cctv ip Public information: exhibitions, live weather conditions, road traffic levels etc
cctv ip Tourism: holiday resorts, ski resorts, hotels, zoos, monuments, city centres, theme parks etc
cctv ip Events: sports events, concerts, etc
cctv ip Monitoring: of production lines, construction work, industrial process etc

CCTV IP Registration

As required by the Data Protection Act when CCTV is installed in all commercial situations and in domestic installations where "the recordings are routinely viewed for purposes other than during investigation of an offence", CCS can assist in the registration process with the Information Commissionaire for commercial and business installations. If you are a CCTV Monitoring agency or control room then you are duty bound to be registered. Further details can be found in a recent news article over at the CCS Newsdesk.


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