Hosted Voice Over IP Service

CCS Leeds voice over IP service is an internet hosted telephone service available in the UK. A hosted VoIP service is a fully functional virtual PBX telephone system and can drastically reduce your telephony running costs when compared to those associated with a traditional telephone system. By switching to a VoIP provider you no longer have to pay for line rental, set up costs or costly on-going hardware maintenance contracts.

Our hosted VoIP service gives you all of the features that come with a traditional telephone system and is fully scalable so at no extra cost other than the monthly rental fee. Be it one handset or a hundred, the running costs on our hosted telephone service are rental per device with no hidden extra's.

Our voice over IP service uses "Cloud" technology which means that your VoIP extensions will work anywhere that has an internet connection which means that you can connect more than one office location, work from home or abroad and still have free calls between extensions whilst maintaining a professional presence.

What is a hosted VoIP service?

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol which means that instead of using fixed physical telephone lines to make calls, you use the internet instead. The internet has come a long way in recent years and it's creating even more opportunities for forward-thinking businesses. Voice Over IP (VoIP) services are the latest example. They allow you to hold business phone and conference calls over your broadband line and are often significantly cheaper than traditional phone lines.

Who needs a voice over IP service?

Forward thinking companies that want to embrace new technology and take advantage of increased presence and cost savings would benefit in using a hosted VoIP service. Companies, public bodies, individuals or other organisations that require;

Voice over IP Flexibility to be able to roam and still have corporate presence
Voice over IP Advanced call conferencing facilities
Voice over IP Value for money and low running costs
Voice over IP No ongoing expensive hardware maintenance charges
Voice over IP Call recording facilities
Voice over IP Digital receptionist
Voice over IP Voicemail delivered to email
Voice over IP Fax to email services
Voice over IP Voice menu system so that calls are routed to the correct department
Voice over IP Multi tenant billing for use in shared business centres
Voice over IP Competitive call charges to land lines and mobile networks
Voice over IP UK based support which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
Voice over IP Online portal for configuration and billing records

Our hosted VoIP service can be used with either IP telephones or soft phones running on a computer system

How does an internet hosted telephone service work?

Our hosted telephone service is very simple in the way it works. We create an extension account for you which in turn creates some unique registration details to include a username, extension number and a complex authentication password. We can either supply a phone (or number of phones) which will pick up these settings once they are connected to the internet or we can provide you with the details should you want to either program your own hardware or softphone.

We will also send you a request for information form to fill in. This will help us configure your hosted telephone service so that it works just like you want it to. You will also have a login to an online configuration portal so that you can make changes to the system yourself.

Voice over IP

Voice Over IP Service - Key Features

Voice over IP Lower cost call rates to landlines, mobile networks and international destinations
Voice over IP No need for physical line rental
Voice over IP No hardware maintenance contracts
Voice over IP No on-site hardware so no need for replacement parts
Voice over IP Secure conference room facilities (pin protected)
Voice over IP Low bandwidth usage per call
Voice over IP The ability to record calls
Voice over IP The are many smartphone applications which support extension accounts so no need to buy expensive hardware
Voice over IP Users can log in from anywhere with an internet connection
Voice over IP Online reporting, monitoring and configuration via our portal
Voice over IP Secure registration locked down to IP address or IP range
Voice over IP Customisable billing options for multi tenant sites
Voice over IP Flexible minimum contract terms
Voice over IP CCS Leeds offers Worldwide Broadband Leased Lines
Voice over IP Discounts available on 2-5 year contracts


Product Quantity Setup Price(+vat)
Residential / Small Business
Setup Fee
Monthly Fee
VoIP Extension + DDi Trunk 1 - 10 £10 £5
VoIP Extension + DDi Trunk 11 - 20 £20 £4
SME / Corporate
Setup Fee
Monthly Fee
VoIP Extension + DDi Trunk 21 - 50 £30 £3.50
VoIP Extension + DDi Trunk 50+ £40 £3


The above pricing includes and extension account, VoIP trunk line and direct dial geographic telephone number. Other services such as conference rooms, call recording, fax to email are also available for an additional charge. Please contact us for further details. The above pricing is based on a 12 month minimum contract term, other options may be available. All pricing will be subject to VAT at the prevailing rate. For a comprehensive quotation, please utilise "Contact Us Online" above, or click here.

Voice over IP service, hosted VoIP service and hosted telephone service from CCS Leeds.