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Fast, secure and reliable internet connectivity

It is vital to ensure you have high speed and reliable internet connectivity when you are running a company in today's marketplace. Business online moves fast, and to keep up with your competitors you need the best internet services available. That means internet lines that can service all of your staff, internet lines that are safe and secure for your company data and internet lines that will provide you with the fastest speeds possible. For the best value for money and highest quality service, you want a leased line.

Prices from £300pm for a true fibre delivered leased line

CCS Leeds provide reliable Leeds leased lines to a range of companies and individuals, offering continuous and reliable internet access to any sized business. With speeds up to 500mpb/s, we offer a fully managed, uncontended and synchronous service, which is backed up by a market-leading service level agreement (SLA).

Because all businesses are different, they often require bespoke solutions to suit their particular needs. At CCS, we provide the highest level of service for the lowest prices because we don't create a generic package. We customise our service to suit your business needs, so you get exactly what you want for the price you want.

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Leeds Leased Lines

up to 500mbp/s

from £300.00
Per month
Including VAT (20%)

  • Fast and reliable speeds - Up to 500 mbp/s
  • Fibre technology
  • Uncontended service
  • Market-leading Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Improve your company connectivity with CCS Leeds leased lines.

Rackspace | in West Yorkshire

Secure data storage services

Secure data storage is vital to ensure that your company information is safe, backed up and readily available to you when you need it. Whether it's Cloud storage or managed hosting, CCS Leeds rackspace hosting services provide highly secure data services from their high-tech Leeds data centre. If you're looking for high quality, flexible solutions for managed rackspace in West Yorkshire, then CCS Leeds offers great deals on rackspace available in their highly-secure data centre.

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Dedicated Hosting Services | in Leeds

Highly secure dedicated servers

Dedicated hosting services in Leeds from CCS provide safe and secure access to your business from anywhere in the world. Along with custom-built servers available to suit your company needs, we will house your data in our highly secure data center, which is located in Leeds.

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  • Online file hosting
  • Managed exchange hosting
  • Hosted SharePoint
  • FTP Web Hosting
  • Microsoft Small Business Server

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    CCS Leeds offer a range of bespoke internet services to the UK, including leased lines, rackspace and hosting for most regions and any size business in the UK. To find out more about our services near you, please click on the closest city to your location. If you'd like to speak to us directly about services in your region, then you can contact us here.