Unlimited | FTTC Broadband FAQs

Please use the CCS Leeds frequently asked questions below to find out more about UK unlimited FTTC broadband and unlimited high speed internet. The FTTC unlimited FAQs section provides detailed information about what unlimited means to the user for various packages and information about how to use unlimited on both FTTC and ADSL lines.

FTTC Unlimited FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My Exchange does not have FTTC. Can I still get unlimited downloads? Yes - We have unlimited packages for copper and fibre based broadband connections which are on a 21CN Exchange. Please call us so that we can check which products are available.

Q: My Exchange is only 20CN. Can I still order an unlimited product? No - our unlimited products are only available from BT's 21st Century network exchanges which are Wholesale Broadband Connect (WBC) enabled.

Q: My Exchange has been upgraded to 21CN. Do I now qualify for an unlimited product? Yes, there is a small charge for migrating from 20 to 21CN (call for details), at which point Unlimited products become available to order.

Q: I signed up for FTTC less than 12 months ago. Can I regrade to an unlimited product at no extra cost? No, not unless you pay the remainder of your 12 month contract. Customers can regrade between packages with different allowances within term, but moving to Unlimited can only be done outside contract.

Q: Can I order a ADSL unlimited and then regrade to FTTC unlimited for no extra cost? You may upgrade an ADSL/ADSL2+ Unlimited service within its contract term to an Unlimited FTTC product subject to the FTTC service having a new minimum contract term of either 12 or 24 months.

Q: How long does it take to regrade to unlimited? Just five working days however, new installations where a site visit is required can take longer.

Q Is the traffic prioritisation for an Unlimited Family package different to a Family package with an allowance? No, they are the same.

Q: Is the traffic prioritisation for an Unlimited Business package different to a Business package with an allowance? No, they are the same.

Unlimited download packages give you the peace of mind of not having to worry about hitting limits. However, for a more robust and synchronous product, and one suited for more bisuness critical applications, why not consider Ethernet First Mile (EFM).