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High speed and secure professional internet services

SDSL business internet is a professional internet service that can support a your staff, clients and systems all running at the same time without slowing down your day-to-day business. Along with it offering a faster service and more robust internet services than traditional broadband, SDSL also provides a dedicated internet line, meaning higher security and more flexible usage is also available.

How does SDSL work?

Unlike ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Lines), which are the most common types of broadband line available in the UK and offer a low upstream speed, SDSL business internet provides a much more resilient connection, which is up to 2Mb/s both upstream and downstream, and offers a low 10:1 contention ratio making the service robust during periods of high network demand.

SDSL Business Internet

SDSL provides performance that compares with Leased Lines connectivity, but at a lower cost. SDSL provides a reliable and advanced service, as connection to the internet is delivered though a dedicated copper pair into your office. Business SDSL is ideal for companies who have outgrown the basic ADSL platform and offers guaranteed stable bandwidth, which is ideal for offices hosting mail, web or data servers and where the ability to send large files, for example, is a major dependency. CCS Leeds SDSL business internet includes a choice of bandwidth and configuration options. This means that there is now a service to match the differing needs of individual businesses.

CCS Leeds are leading SDSL providers in the UK, offering cheap single SDSL connections up to 2Mb/s and bonded SDSL solutions utilising up to 8 x 2Mb/s connections delivering a blistering 16Mb/s synchronous bandwidth. View our prices for single line solutions on the next page, and for Bonded or MLPPP Services, please click here.

All SDSL Services utilise a dedicated circuit installed at a location of your choice, 1 or 8 static IP addresses, or Nat, reverse dns, low 10:1 contention ratio and a free Backup Email Service. We also pride ourselves on flexibility so if you need something that is not in the list, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss. Even if you think it is an "out of box" solution, why not give us a call and test our technical engineers to the maximum?

Our managed services include full logging, reporting and graphing of your circuit utilisation, latency, performance and availability. We offer SMS / pager / email notifications and a 24x7 support service in the event of a failure to progress a speedy resolution. Example reporting of Ping times, latency and utilisation are available at: Ping, Traffic and Traffic Volume.

We can optionally install the router in your premises and a qualified engineer will install, test and cable the router to your specification. Customers purchasing an SDSL line or bonded SDSL line may also be interested in our highly secure Managed Firewall Services or our VPN solutions.

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CCS Leeds offer a range of internet services, including high-speed, cost-effective broadband, ethernet, leased line and SDSL services. To speak to our expert consultants about SDSL services for your company or to get a quote, click the button or call: (0)113 294 66 99.