MPLS | Frequently Asked Questions

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Who uses MPLS Architecture (Multi-Protocol Label Switching)?

MPLS architecture is ideal for any type or size of company or organisation. It could be used by a start-up company establishing its first network or an organisation seeking to upgrade from private circuits or other networking options.

What can I do with MPLS Network Services?

MPLS architecture is the latest technology and is ideal for customers requiring any-to-any connectivity with a suite of access options - everything from mobile through dial and ADSL, to high speed Gigabit fixed access circuits. MPLS with Class of Service enables customers to prioritise time critical applications, to ensure they perform as expected, without affecting end user performance.

What are the benefits of MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching)?

A Class of Service enabled network allows customers to use a single IP networking infrastructure to support multiple applications such as voice, data and video. Class of Service is essential if you want to guarantee the performance of your time critical applications such as voice.

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