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Metro Ethernet VPN networking provides a high speed internet deal on a professional level, offering all the services you'd expect from a Local Area Network but on a broader geographical scale. It can be spread across much larger areas like towns, cities or other metropolitan regions. This provides a simplified network management solution and far more bandwidth than you'd get from traditional services based on leased lines or frame relay.

Typical Network Performance

The high quality of a metro ethernet service from CCS Leeds provides affordable data transfer solutions. It allows our clients to open up their networks for innovative services like disaster recovery provision, IP CCTV and Voice over IP without any of the restrictions or complications that have hindered wide area networking in the past.

Metro Ethernet VPN not only offers a high speed internet deal for your business, but it also offers ultimate flexibility and security to meet the needs, timescales and budget of your business, delivering both voice and data traffic with the ability to prioritise traffic flow. Multiple bandwidths are available, from 1Mbps to 1 Gbps and these can be easily scaled to meet your organisation's individual requirements. With a Metro ethernet service, you have a reliable, cost-effective and scalable way to connect your different sites with the reassurance that you are receiving a service based on the best technology available, supported by the specialist network expertise of project and service managers.

Connection Options

All logical topologies are supported:

Metro Ethernet VPN is spread over a metropolitan area rather than just a building. Ethernet VLANs (Virtual Local Area Networks) can be set up to cater for many separate communities within one ethernet VPN service platform, using the same scalable, integrated and flexible infrastructure. Each VLAN community can have a different communication pattern involving only the appropriate number of connections and with the relevant speed of connection.

Traffic prioritisation

The application of up to four classes of service, with predefined Quality of Service (QoS) parameters, will ensure that data critical to a business is delivered in advance of lower priority traffic such as internet data, with each being allocated a percentage of the total bandwidth. We'll also strive to ensure that the end-to-end delay does not exceed a specified level. This is of particular importance in real time communications such as voice and video where delays would impact on the application.

Service Level Agreement

The Metro Ethernet VPN Service Level Agreement includes:

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