Dedicated | Virtual Private Network

One network for all your sites, staff and services

With a dedicated virtual private network from CCS Leeds, you can combine all your sites, services and staff under a single infrastructure, creating a nationwide network that will be capable of maintaining all your sites, users and systems on reliable and secure connections that are completely flexible to the needs of your company.

Connect to your virtual private network any way you want to:

Select any speed from 2Mbit/s right up to 1Gbit/s, and prioritise your traffic with different classes of service, ensuring that the important information is never lost or delayed.

Costs of building dedicated private networks are reasonable at first. However, the costing increases as the organisation grows in size. Internet-based managed VPNs do not require a multitude of lines to connect to company offices, so the cost is much lower because offices can connect using public lines that are already available.

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