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Low cost and high speed metro ethernet services

With a business internet service, you often need the ability to collaborate across locations on high speed and secure internet lines, but standard internet connections don't provide the unrestricted access you need to run VoIP, IP CCTV or disaster recovery. Metro Ethernet is a cost-effective solution for unrestricted high-speed networking across wider geographical locations.

Benefits of Metro Ethernet

Metro ethernet is a metropolitan area network that can provide you with the benefits of a leased line at lower prices. With flexible and scalable services available, you can run WANs and VPNs across a highly-secure service without changing your infrastructure.

At CCS Leeds, we provide a highly secure and reliable metro ethernet service in the UK to a range of sectors, ensuring each client has a bespoke service to suit their individual needs. A metro ethernet service provides significant reductions in bandwidth and network management costs as well as offering simplified network topologies and more flexibility in managing IT across multiple sites. As ethernet bandwidth is more cost-effective by up to a factor of 10 than traditional wide area bandwidth, it provides the most flexible wide area bandwidth connections available at the exceptional prices.

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