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Secure and managed internet services

Setting up your company infrastructure can be a challenge with multiple devices, locations and programs running through your company internet and intranet. Often package broadband deals don't offer exactly what you need, or they add in services that you don't need. If you want to be able to maintain a flexible internet service that can change with your business as it grows, then you would benefit from a managed internet service.

With a managed broadband service, you can utilise the most innovative technology and service that you require. The managed solution will not only provide you with the flexibility to use your internet the way you want to, but you'll also have the ongoing support from dedicated consultants, meaning all the complexities of setting it up and managing the service will be done for you.

Key Benefits of Managed Broadband

CCS Leeds managed broadband offers bespoke solutions that provide high speed internet connections on dedicated lines. The service is available to any user in the UK, and it is customised to suit your needs.

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