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Free your internet with bespoke business internet

The freedom of the internet is sometimes restricted by the broadband service that we choose. Often, broadband packages only offer a certain speed, a specific bandwidth. Even access to certain parts of the internet can be restricted by certain providers. When you're running a business online, you need fast access to information through secure and unrestricted connectivity, and a bespoke business internet service can provide you with that.

At CCS Leeds, we offer a completely flexible and unrestricted service as part of our managed broadband. With our bespoke service, we will design and implement your internet service for you, creating a custom solution that will provide you with everything you need at the touch of a button. Without limitations, a bespoke and managed broadband service is ideal for any kind of business, and size of business. There are no limits on what you can have or what you can do.

Along with an unlimited choice in resources, an expert team of consultants will manage your service for you, so you can have what you want without any hassle about setting it up or keeping it running smoothly. If your business changes and grows, your service can be adapted to match your needs. With no limits, no restrictions and the service fully managed for you, you can enjoy all the benefits without any of the hassle.

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